When one journeys, travels, leaves home, the passage of time is altered and you can never be the same again. The foreign city and its architecture has been the focal point of my large paintings for almost twenty years. ‘Unfolding History’, the small painting in this exhibition, is part of a series I began in Spain whilst looking at Velazquez’s work – attempting to connect the past with a future that is evading us.

Robyn Burgess Witness_200x145cm_2014 Robyn Burgess Installation view_2013 Robyn Burgess Infanta_margarita_for_velazquez_35x30cm_2014 Robyn Burgess Infanta_margarita_and_maria_32x37cm_2014 Robyn Burgess Bridge_200x145cm_2013 Robyn Burgess 90 days at the bridge_220x200cm_2013 Robyn Burgess Anonymous Traveller_ 25x16cm each_2013