Born on the South Coast of Victoria, my inspiration has been driven by my love and fear of the sea. I work with the landscape. I observe its power and its subtleties, its effects and influences. In my paintings I explore the themes of stability and change: of our human need to strive for new ground, while often suffering a sense of loss and displacement as we transition through life.


I love how imagery imbedded in our memories of experience and recall, translate beautifully into the medium of abstract painting.

Landscape and a sense of place is dominant, visual experiences are less defined and a composite of gathered expressions remain.

I have never stopped enjoying the action of painting, describing forms and the manipulation of surfaces. spontaneous marks and repetitious forms.

I endure to create energy within the painting that engages and describes what can be just the actions of an everyday event or view of a vast open space full of light, form and rhythms.

The simple act of observing like fish being prepared on a jetty or placed on a table, can transform to a stage for actions and movements, placements and groups. I don’t fish , I watch…

Graeme Altmann.

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