In my work I seek to explore the relationship between the decoration of surface, expression of the natural world, and the action of the artist. My art reflects this relationship primarily through the abstraction of the natural world; this aesthetic sets the groundwork and overall theme of my body of work. The transformation of the natural world stems from the landscapes and experiences I found in Tumut, rural NSW. The rolling hills, snaking rivers, and farming paraphernalia allowed me to represent and come to understand this new environment coming from a life on the coast and the city. My work explores returning to the basics, in subject and process. My work is raw, simple and reflects my core ideals of the decoration of surface and the abstraction of the organic into a representation made up of line, colour and patterns.

My artistic process is a simple one. I allow my work to organically grow from the base palette into the more detailed representation. I work through a repetition of an idea or an aesthetic through different media, from photography to the final product, which is often finished in acrylic paint and charcoal pencil.


Francine Clarke 'Aerial View' Francine Clarke, test2 Francine Clarke, red print 1 Francine Clarke, IMGP5024 Francine Clarke, IMGP4998 Francine Clarke, IMGP4975