Deb Lees, mural 2014

Before I started painting I was a portrait photographer for many years, developing and hand colouring images, I perceived life through the lens of my camera. To achieve the perfect image I learnt you must have colour, composition and light, this has translated into my paintings.

My works are usually figurative, romantic and whimsical, depicting people, animals and the beauty of my environment, like a camera, I take snap shots in my minds eye, it may be as simple as an apple in a tree that will inspire a painting. I paint from my imagination which is influenced by my surroundings, a flower, a tree, a story or poetry can trigger an image, a composition in my head as such, I see the colours, I very rarely draw from life.

There is no deep underlying meaning to my work, It’s usually about love, love lost, cheeky, happy, sad, longing, whimsy and beauty, this along with bold colours can provoke the viewer into a sense of calm, wonder and peace. I want the people who have no time to stop and smell the roses, that don’t see the flower or the bird or the apple, to remind them that there is beauty in the world and to see it before them, on a canvas, large as life to provoke that sense of wonderment.

I paint on a black canvas and slowly bring out the image through many layers of paint, like developing a photo, until the right colour and light is achieved, my chosen mediums are textured acrylics, charcoal and oil pastels.

Deb Lees Under the garden wall 90 x 120cm

Deb Lees The golden swing 90 x 120cm

Deb Lees Sweep me off my feet 90 x 120cm